Friday, November 21, 2008


(Here We Go, Reminiscene, 2008, 11x14; Untitled, Reminiscene, 2008, 11x14)

Today is exactly one week away from Photorama at TPW Gallery. This exhibition is a fundraiser for the gallery, and this year I was invited to present work. So I'll be presenting two pieces for the first time in a gallery space, in addition with one I have never shown anywhere, including this blog, for the very first time...
For more information on the exhibition:
I hope to see some of you there.


f dot. said...

congrats little ko-bra!

thought you should know about this upcoming show at the National.

Scott McFarland: A Cultivated View11 APRIL – 13 SEPTEMBER 2009
GALLERIES B102 AND B103 Photographer Scott McFarland creates exacting images that depict nature crafted to human will and desire. A major body of work has focused on Vancouver gardens. On one level, the photographs indicate a state of harmony and peacefulness, while on the other the overall effect appears artificial. McFarland’s works emphasize both the precarious balance between human and natural worlds and how photography’s link to reality is both true and fabricated.
Presented by the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. Organized in conjunction with the BC Scene programming presented by the National Arts Centre from 21 April to 3 May 2009


BrendanGeorge said...

Thanks. And you must know I follow McFarland's work. Are you saying roadtrip to O-town?

Artist Dude said...

great one!