Monday, June 23, 2008 It Happens!

I have written stories that have come true, that will be based off people of my past with the fantasy of the future, and together will birth a love for today. I have recently started writing again, almost everyday! I feel the rush, and I feel the summer heat to spite the rainy mess outside my windows. It Happens! (written just like that too) is my second attempt at a photograph and first attempt at a series where my writing and photography are joined together. My short stories will become single images, filled with all my imagination, and the people that inspired me to write them because it's written for them. In terms of style, I wanted to do something beautiful and timeless like Sally Mann's work, youthful innocence portraying adulthood, but with young adults like myself playing younger counterparts of our earlier days. Those days of love's first discoveries and those first major relationships as young adults.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get Moist

How Can You Disappear When I Disappear With You, is a part of Moist Magazine's Summer Solstice Exhibition for the week (June 21th to 29th 8am - 5pm) at the Whippersnapper (587A College Street). The pieces look really nice in their 20x24 inch 600-polaroid-style c-print format! So come on down, tonight's the opening, it's $5 before 10pm, and 10 after 10, and the following days are free. If you're interested in the Mag, you can get one at the opening for another $5, here's their stuff,

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Great Escape (Expansions II)

Between the frames and between landscapes these images of nature cultivate feeling of escape from the reality they originated in. Working with my study called Expansions, I focus on multiple frames to capture a larger atmosphere of an envirnoment. With The Great Escape, the placement of people in natural settings flows with the notion of habitat. All the scenery are concentrations of nature within an urban environment.
In terms of style, it is a continuition of my fascination of the expansion of the narrative. By using multiple frames to not only add to the narrative, but to work with landscape, the camera focuses on each portion of it with the intimacy of a single exposure. This idea originally came to me in a dream, and later with experience and research (David Hilliard), I was able to fine-tune the look I wanted, and continue to perfect the way to capture the nature of the original time and place.
By far, this is my favorite series, and it also touches down on something I have been interested in, the challenge of representing the Canadian landscape.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Lately all I have been shooting is fashion, moving from my conceptual "art" to more aesthetic photography. But the transition hasn't been stripped of my artistic ingenuity but embraced by it. And in the end I feel it hasn't damaged on my artistic vision by making a product but has been rewarding as a photographer who wants to be as diverse as he can. The fashion photography world has become more and more edgier and has become like that by using the art approach to make not only sellable images but beautiful images.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kids These Days...

I remember when a memory was forever as soon as you snapped it, it was there inside this box you call a camera. Working at a photo lab I have learned there are still a lot of people shooting film for their candid lives. I found a lost of value with memories when they're able to be deleted as soon as they are taken, with film there's a permanence involved, a commitment you have to make as soon as the pressure hits that threshold on your trigger finger and the snap of the shutter fires.
Recently I picked up my room mate's Contax G1 35mm rangefinder and have been bringing it with me wherever I go. It's a third of the size of the cameras I'm used to using so there's never an excuse not to bring it, and using 35mm promotes capturing candid moments at the same time as being wise about what you shoot.

Every step I take as a photographer I find I have to also take a moment and realize who I was when I first started and who I am today. With all the gear, technique, and experience I gained I find somethings will never change in a photographer, artist, and person. I enjoy documenting my life, from the faces I encounters, the people I share words with, to the places I see, all this is the nature of why I want to capture it. A moment in my hands.