Friday, June 13, 2008

The Great Escape (Expansions II)

Between the frames and between landscapes these images of nature cultivate feeling of escape from the reality they originated in. Working with my study called Expansions, I focus on multiple frames to capture a larger atmosphere of an envirnoment. With The Great Escape, the placement of people in natural settings flows with the notion of habitat. All the scenery are concentrations of nature within an urban environment.
In terms of style, it is a continuition of my fascination of the expansion of the narrative. By using multiple frames to not only add to the narrative, but to work with landscape, the camera focuses on each portion of it with the intimacy of a single exposure. This idea originally came to me in a dream, and later with experience and research (David Hilliard), I was able to fine-tune the look I wanted, and continue to perfect the way to capture the nature of the original time and place.
By far, this is my favorite series, and it also touches down on something I have been interested in, the challenge of representing the Canadian landscape.


Angela said...

Looks great Ko!!! I do love seeing Amy on film!!

sabrinamaltese said...

middle one.. lovely. Really great!

Vanessa Maltese said...


Anna said...

The third of these is really gorgeous! I love the overpowering foliage and that intense green.

Anonymous said...

thanks thanks thanks!
I can't decide which one is my favorite, their all different people and different days I got to spend with them.