Monday, June 23, 2008 It Happens!

I have written stories that have come true, that will be based off people of my past with the fantasy of the future, and together will birth a love for today. I have recently started writing again, almost everyday! I feel the rush, and I feel the summer heat to spite the rainy mess outside my windows. It Happens! (written just like that too) is my second attempt at a photograph and first attempt at a series where my writing and photography are joined together. My short stories will become single images, filled with all my imagination, and the people that inspired me to write them because it's written for them. In terms of style, I wanted to do something beautiful and timeless like Sally Mann's work, youthful innocence portraying adulthood, but with young adults like myself playing younger counterparts of our earlier days. Those days of love's first discoveries and those first major relationships as young adults.

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