Monday, June 2, 2008

Kids These Days...

I remember when a memory was forever as soon as you snapped it, it was there inside this box you call a camera. Working at a photo lab I have learned there are still a lot of people shooting film for their candid lives. I found a lost of value with memories when they're able to be deleted as soon as they are taken, with film there's a permanence involved, a commitment you have to make as soon as the pressure hits that threshold on your trigger finger and the snap of the shutter fires.
Recently I picked up my room mate's Contax G1 35mm rangefinder and have been bringing it with me wherever I go. It's a third of the size of the cameras I'm used to using so there's never an excuse not to bring it, and using 35mm promotes capturing candid moments at the same time as being wise about what you shoot.

Every step I take as a photographer I find I have to also take a moment and realize who I was when I first started and who I am today. With all the gear, technique, and experience I gained I find somethings will never change in a photographer, artist, and person. I enjoy documenting my life, from the faces I encounters, the people I share words with, to the places I see, all this is the nature of why I want to capture it. A moment in my hands.

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Amanda said...

next time I come over I want to see the rest of these!!