Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Jac-City

For documentary I find an idea is born from the situation. Though my work can appear as fashion or something else, I tend to think of myself as just a documentary photographer. The subjects I pick to photograph don't come to life in my images rather they are just captured, in their essence. With additional lighting, I am still taking the same approach to photography from when I first starting documenting my friends on our adventures in Texas.
The bulk of my recent portrait work revolves around one person in particular. It seems each photo shoot we do the images we produce become more alive and truer to her energy. But rather than just snapping away at what she gives me I like to meet her with my technique as a photographer and placing her in different situations. We seem to create these characters for each different shoot we do. And in the end I see it as a document to different phases we go through in the partnership of a photographer and subject.
And like documentary, the idea exist within the subject, it is up to you and the subject to communicate these ideas in whatever medium you have choosen.

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poopee shmoopee said...

i concur! jacquie is lovely.