Friday, May 23, 2008

Building Blocks

What can be done to something you've done before. Having a void space to me is rather hard to be creative. To some it is a world of possibilities, but for someone who is about documenting, it is an empty studio. I think the only reason I have found my studio work in my portfolio is because it was documentary. I'll have something in the studio I never thought to use as a prob until I'm done fiddling around with the lighting. To me, it is simply documenting the shoot itself, taking the boombox we were using to listen to music with, or throwing this crowd of hotlights into the shot was all just capturing the moment.
Each fashion shoot I do scares me a little. For me, fashion has always been separated from the art I did, so when I got into shoot fashion photography I didn't think of it as "my art", just as my technique. But slowly as I learn the creative power fashion photography I am seeing the potential there, and block by block bridging the gap. These building blocks are my portfolio. Each step I take brings me further into understanding what can be done.


Frances said...

Watch your consistency of colour. IE: 1 & 2 are the same outfit and with two totally different colour casts.

Anonymous said...

mmy choice, I sometimes mute colors for a simplier color scheme.