Saturday, May 3, 2008


I have been moving my whole life. I have lived in New Mexico, Texas, Ontario, and a bit in Hawai'i. There has only been one house I stayed in for more than four years. It was when I was a kid in Scarborough. Every new place I live in I have had to make new friends, learn the environment and adapt to all the changes. Hearing stories of people being friends with someone their whole life or knowing a place so well they can elaborate on the history of a place and have experienced it first hand makes me curious and sometimes envious. To live in a place your whole life seems peaceful and ordinary. Each place I have lived in has crafted the person I am today.
These days I don't jump around much, I just move from one place to the other in the same part of town. But each move I grow more depressed on the fact I'm leaving a place full of memories into a cold vessel without any history to me. This place I have to form new memories, and I hope for the better.
I am done moving for now, I just want to reflect on the places I have lived in, and how over time they seem as if dreams themselves.

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