Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Days Are Further Away

The rainy days have passed. I decided for the last entry for this week to go back to an early stage of my photography, my first black & white street shots.
The days of walking the streets with my camera, looking all around for that one shot for that one moment are done and all that remains is a pile of prints. Street photography was the thing that got me where I am today. I first started with an old Nikon, but moments would pass me by if I wasn't fast enough. Soon after I received a Canon AE-1 from my father and got a motor drive for it making those moments, captured moments. And finally the progress was complete when I got my Canon Elan 7ne autofocusing camera. Each step I took I felt the lost of a purity in photography, the more machine the less it felt completely mine, that I wasn't able to capture this image exactly how I wanted it, I just simply caught it. Over time I knew what I wanted and was able to shimmer the peaks of my vision. Nowadays I am about slowing the moment down, controlling it, and have absolute domain using medium or large format. I feel a grace again in the purity.
It was on rainy days I was able to capture people the best, its almost like I was never there for their eyes to notice.

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