Monday, May 19, 2008

Lucid Memory

Over the years I have lived in different places for a few years each before moving on to the next place. Each move is further from the last. The people I knew and the experiences that were generated in those places are placed further into my memory. Over time these memories have become distant to the reality of today and feel more like dreams than the real.
The image of the person in the background and myself is a representation on my current situation. The person in the photograph is my room mate. At the end of April he will be leaving Toronto to go back home in Chicago and I will move into a new place and won’t see him for the whole summer. Our times as room mates will soon fade into the depths of my long term memory and the reality of change will be distinguished until the summer ends. My memory of living at my current place will become like all the memories of the past, distant and years later, feel like a dream. The use of green is a metaphor to both the person in the background and a retrieval cue. The use of color forms atmosphere and terms of how I knew that person, from the grace of blue to the intimate of red. These memories will never be forgotten just mistaken for dreams.


Darren Rigo said...

Bi-weekly?! What happened to tri weekly? what a rip. Whats up with the name photo-ma-graphy anyhoo?

Toph said...

This might be my favorite series you have ever done.

Anonymous said...

Daily, tri, now bi. I wanted to put what I have done on first, then apply the new with the occasional old. Ma Photography.

And thanks Chris.