Thursday, July 3, 2008

2 Cents

Photography has been a bit slow lately, I've been writing a series of short stories. And that can only mean posting images that didn't make the cut, but are standalones. The top image is from my final roll, the same roll Mask Without Mask came from, for a project I was working on for an expressive self-portrait. The bottom image is from How Can You Disappear When I Disappear With You, and was supposed to be the final image for the series. The use of multiple colors leading up to a pure white symbolizes each person's influence in my life, like the use of green for Chris, or Red for Aleks, and Yellow for Meredith, all those colors combine form white light. And like the prism, we never see what makes white light until we slow things down and dissect the white to see the full specrum.

The series of short stories has a name, A Series of Attempts (At My Life), and if you know me, it's ironic and humorous, saying these are stories that are influenced by my real life, but are fabrications of my far-fetched imagination. They are attempts because like all the things I imagine, I kind of want them to be true just to see it with my eyes, curious in a Godly way, but they most likely will never happen (probably for the best).

Maybe I'll post images of the originals on here, that way they're still images that are accompanied with my artist statements.


Amanda said...

publish your stories as a zine! I will donate paper for the covers. they would be wonderful and I would be so happy to own one.

Toph said...

I would ask for the zine mail order here in TX.

Anonymous said...

that would be awesome. I'll see how much volume I have by the end of summer, because my ordinary intentions, besides the photographs, were to make a book of short stories, and it would be a picture book as well, maybe even have hand-typed (typewriter written) originals scanned and put into the book. Either way I'll be asking for your help on the process at some point Amanda. And as for you Chris, I'll definitely keep you updated on what ends up happening.