Friday, July 25, 2008

I have noticed recently that my Polaroid Family Tree, which is continuously growing, is almost, if not all, emerging artists. Years ago I started this pseudo-series called Artist Profiles, which were portraits I would take of creators of art in various forms, each portrait being artistically different for the other. Today I find myself all over the map, and the only medium of photography that is used in a singular purpose, over and over, are my polaroids, they are only used to document the people that spend time at my apartment, who are largely artists. I can only imagine the contrast that time will produce when these inhabitants of the Polaroid Family Tree look back at their polaroids years down the road and remember they're lives in 2008.

Now the news,
Two things: The Central Cafe show is postponed till early August, thing numbero duo, I am currently curating a show for Xpace and I am looking for one or two more artists to fit the theme of History and Relationship (I know, that sounds vague, but the curatoral statement is being adapted for a larger number of artists).