Thursday, July 10, 2008

2008 [january] - 2008 [july]

I never thought I'd see my concept book go so fast but it's all filled up with ideas, a good amount of them shot, worked on, and saved for the future. This book has been with me everywhere, has seen parties, gallery openings, it's always by my side when an idea is born. And every conceptual photograph I have taken since January was first cultivated here. This book feels somewhat like my journal, a collection of my thoughts, and has this pressing of memories when I see the ideas I immediately think of the photographs and the memory of working on them. Each of these images reminds me of my steps I took to get where I am now, and the overall images of this book shows me my progress and development, ultimately, as an artist.
Dissection Of... (early test)
How Can You Disappear When I Disappear With You

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