Monday, July 28, 2008

An Extensive Nature

In more detail.

What is an escape when physically there is no change, when the seeker of escape stays geologically the same? The idea is born from this desire of change. When thoughts are strong and bare enough weight that they become reality itself. I ask what is reality but an idea of what is real. For The Great Escape it is a matter of an idea of peace within the city, a place I spend most of my time in and find it hard to escape, physically due to what keeps me here in the first place. By taking these small portions of nature within the city I am able to recreate sense of fuller nature. By the use of what I call, Expansions, the distortion of dimensional proportions, I am able to take a small amount of nature and expand it to a full landscape. At the same time this technique creates a perceptive where the viewer dissects each portion of the image individually, as if a standalone, but when viewed from farther away the dissection of the three images fade away making one large image.
With all the conveniences of modern living from technology and the cloud of consumer culture, there will always be an escape from it all because you can never escape nature.

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