Monday, December 15, 2008

When I Was...

(Faye On Route To Nathan's Concert (and The First Person I'll Shoot With This New Camera), December 8th 2008)

Recently I wanted to go back to a time in my work that was very simple and fast enough to just capture a moment. I purchased a medium format rangefinder, and purposed to carrying it with my everywhere, along side with my trusty compact flash. I want to capture details of moments I want to remember, from the people that tie me to events and times of my life, and the things that happen in-between my conceptual work.

(Technician Erin Mixing It Up In Labcoat and Chemical Gloves, December 9th 2008)

(Aaron With Shovel In Backyard, December 10th 2008)

(Katie Looking Down In Unknown Front Yard, December 10th 2008)

(Kotama Before He Gives A Sticker To Jo Louie and His Food Being Eaten By Others As Nathan Pays The Bills, December 10th 2008)

(Brown On Brown On Brown, December 14th 2008)

(Unknown Wire Tied To Tree and The Bickford Centre of Education, December 14th 2008)

(Elise and The $95 or $13 Dress in Thrift Shop, December 14th 2008)

(Self-Portrait In Front of Interesting Car, December 14th 2008)

(Amanda With Black Dog In Front of Grocery Store, December 14th 2008)

(Nathan Stands Before An Empty Lot With Frozen Water and Various Destroyed Items, December 14th 2008)

I hope to continue this as long as I could, as these moments become perminent reminders of the passage of time. I have recently been fascinated with Martin Parr's work as well.


k t said...

all of these look great! that camera you have is fun! some of them look ghostly. nice touches.

BrendanGeorge said...

thanks. Ghostly because of the light leaks from the bellows, so I patched it up and hopefully it is light tight. Though I do like the leaks.

n said...

very nice,
the leaks look really similar to the ones i was getting with my folding 6x9 camera, except mine were way more cyan. hm, i'll have to inspect my bellows more closely.
that empty lot almost looks a lot cooler in 2-d than it did in real life.
somebody should also let erin know her inner geek is showing.

amanda said...


amanda said...

also, I have a mushroom on my head

BrendanGeorge said...

Mushroom-headed Amanda likes to pet black dogs all day?