Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slow, Steady, Ready to Please

(Half-blind Horse from Bode's Land, 2009)

Yes, yes. Let's.
I told you, again and again as our hands arched in bends of our arms as we swirled away. Feet were moving in a constant inward motion which at first felt very unnatural, but soon became second nature, like bike-riding for the first time in a long time. Our faces were smiles, the biggest we've ever had, and drool from our perpetual motion ran the right side of our cheeks. I remember your eyes were pure joy and you had rosy cheeks. For a moment I corrected my eyes, seeing if I could wake from this moment into another state, and when you laughed at the confused look on my face, I knew every last second of this, and everything else that was happening before my eyes was very much true.

Do you remember when you were young, and you used to find those odd leaves on the ground that formed the shape of a hanger. It could easily be dissect into two genetically identical halves, and the only thing more amazing than their similarity was what they did when they fell to the ground when they were apart.

We were spinning around and around, and though to the runners in their matching track suits, and the young mothers with their strollers, and even the odd cyclist in one of those recumbent bikes, we must've looked nuts; we were dancing, laughing, drooling in pure delight. It was a dance that didn't require the skill tango had, nor break-dancing, but a skill that could not be learned, it was something that didn't fully existence within one person, and was rather half-full or half-empty in the singular. But once together, once two people, not just any combination of two people, but the perfect amount missing or had, was either taken or given, formed a perfect balance: these two people, we were these two people. Goldie Locks in our merry way, we were dancing like two crazy people dance, in the most perfect way, in a perfect moment, and other things that were perfect, perfect and perfect.

Those half-hanger leaves, once separated fall back to the Earth in a spin that seemed to echo all throughout life, and though your eyes saw it hit the ground, and end its helicopter decent, it hasn't stopped, that this part of you and a part of me that hasn't stopped falling down in this unusual plummet, it was happening within you, and together, it was our dance, as our legs ran circles, our arms melted into one and one, our feet felt less and less impact each step, and our bodies felt light their mass in feathers, and we were no longer kicking the ground by the air of a few inches from the solid earth. Slowly we went. Steadily we went. I was ready to please, to please, please, and you were ready to please, and you please, please. And without knowing at the time, we were falling; we were falling to the sky above, we were leaving and coming, and everything but staying.
In the perfect of perfect, in a perfect moment, with a perfect partner, in a perfect dance, and all the other perfects, we fell, and we danced some more. Again, slow, steady, and yes, you know.


Anonymous said...

love the picture too. beautiful horse.

in referral to the 'friend' i was talking about when i used the word in the first poem i wrote on here. but i see what you're saying.

too bad in choices made today(sept3rd), you could have found out who i was.... because i would have told you in person..

BrendanGeorge said...

it was one of those nights, that you planned on something but then something else comes your way, and your guts tell you how to play it out.

We'll have other times, for now, I like the stranger and their's also nice to have someone reading this blog, haha.

Anonymous said...

oh please, other people read your blog

Anonymous said...

but i have a feeling you have a better idea of who i am.. yes?
otherwise it would bother you!

sabrinamaltese said...

amazing photo!!

BrendanGeorge said...


thank you, how about that print exchange huh?


you're a mystery.

angela kathleen sweeting said...

Yes, letsis teh first improv game you play when you start training. Yes,lets represents accepting all you ar egiven in a scene.

"Let's pet a cat!"
"Yes! Lets!"
"Let's climb a tree!"
"Yes! Lets!"
"Lets do a hand stand!"
"Yes! Lets!"

So I love that phrase in any context. Open up, accept allthat is handed to you.Trouble, heartache,love, yes! lets!