Friday, January 1, 2010

Through The Night Softly

(Bastard Image from Nocturne, 2009)

March 14th, 1988

We hit the wall. We have fallen from the grace we once knew and loved; now it was tension and between us both existed too many words unspoken. The guilt in my gut, the words on the edge of my tongue were too much. I was going to drown her as soon as I started with, “It’s the way you, it’s what you do, to me”. The night fell silent, we slept like sheep, drunk from a night on the town, I was tired and in her arms like a broken bird. The feeling of flesh knew of the words I wanted to say, and she was there, absorbing them like acid. What dreams did she have that night, again, I thought of the tiny universe that existed just beyond my touch. Tonight we’ll be one, sucked, rubbed, burnt, and toasted, moaning utter nonsense; a language of lovers.

*Excerpt from The Way You Make Me Feel (of Coyote Blues)

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