Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Conveyor: "Atmospheres" reviewed by Aubrey Hays

Exhibitions have become a funny thing for me, where it has become less about the work and more about the people surrounding it, making it happen but also supporting it.  The sort of behind the scenes, just like hearing an artist talk not about the image but the story behind it, that personal flavor, that something you can't get from just looking at art, but from forming a connection with the artist through oral tradition.

I'll be officially posting information on my next exhibition, which is my first solo show, later, but I wanted to mention the word, "Gathering".  It isn't necessarily an exhibition but rather a gathering for me.  The people that have become attached to it, whether from the hardworking folks at Angell Gallery, or Qian Ma who wrote the statement for the exhibition, to the friends and strangers that will be there to see the work.  It is overwhelming to know how many people are involved and appreciate what you are doing, and there comes a point where the art, the original reason why all this is happening isn't the point anymore, it is the people involved.

A wonderful artist that holds many parallels with myself has taken the time to write a review of the themes and images of the exhibition, "Atmospheres".  And I wanted to express the honor to catch the attention of such a talented and full-of-heart artist, Aubrey Hays, who writes for Conveyor's blog.

The connections that have been made through this medium of self-expression have been the most awarding function to making art, and has become the point of it all.  And even though my feet are very much in the same place, I feel like I've travelled all over the place, meeting such wonderful people, time after again, forming connection after connection and finding myself at home, where home is, the faces that matter have made it home.

The Interview click here.

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