Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Talk To The Wind

(Untitled #01, The Wanderer, 2008-2009, 11x48" archival inkjet)

"I've been here, and I've been there, I've been in-between."

Before my touch there is a film; a layer of rust from the many surfaces I have brushed, touched, and rubbed that covers my skin, hiding the boy I once was. And is this how I am, to have only words and images of where I have been, what I have experienced? What little reminiscence to speak of all of those faces, so many I see a friend I once known in a stranger of today. I have known of your face before my eyes I have seen for themselves. And yet I am surprised. I talk to a nothingness, to the very air that surrounds me. I only hear the air brush against my ear as I harvest for sound. It is in the wind I can tell of everywhere I have been, why my skin is so rusty, and why I am lost before found.

"I talk to the wind, my words are carried away."

I Talk To The Wind written by Ian McDonald and Peter Sinfield, performed by King Crimson.

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