Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Time Without Words

(Deer, The Great Escape, 2009)

I remember when walls were the cage that kept me down. I remember when the world was seen through eyes that floated just above the ground. Now the ground blurs beyond my hands as I look down and I feel the roots disappear as I walk; each step taking me further into the future.
I want to forget who I am today. I want to meet my past as if I were a stranger speaking to a stranger; through odd choice of words. I want to rediscover my history, at the same time as disassociate myself from it. The world will run, and I will walk. And eventually I'll tire, I'll stop, and I'll rest, and admire the sun kissing the sea from a northern shore, with sand between my toes, I'll see the world end only to begin again once my eyes wake. Who will I be once the sky fills with color again? Will a reflection bring a mystery to my eyes? Will the past fade like my dreams, as I constantly change, even memories feel foreign to new hands, and to a new heart. As the echo goes, who am I, who am I, and fades to the question in a petition of millions in the valley of the past. It matters not for who I am today, or who I was, for what can be said for steps without a groove or impression, as we look to an uncertain future. It is the pressure I can feel in my feet as I stand on earth, it is this voice that tells me so, it is the life I am living now.