Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Mountain Too High

Right now. Press the reset button, this world will fold, and be swallowed up by the abyss. We’ll run like criminals from Johnny, we’ll scream at the top of our lungs. We’ll breathe fire, and sweat bullets. We’ll rename each other. We’ll forget everything. I can’t wait for another life. I can’t keep going with this one. My feet are on the earth now, they’re telling me I’m growing each and every day. The wind carries me halfway there, as I start walking. I remember that time, and this time, and all of those moments. I say I should forget everything, but I lied. I’ll just keep you.
In a shell, in a dune, under skin, and beneath a field of moss you will find my skin, shed like the tears I once grew. No goodbye, no notice, just a trace of once was, and now gone. I call your name in the wild, to see if you will come find me. I never stop. I take two steps now, and know whatever will, whatever can, and whatever is supposed to happen…
It just will.
Once the stone has been thrown, the ripples will follow, the stone will sink into the darkness, and I can say I will remember, I can say I can change. But the ripple will follow, the current will flow, and I will be consumed by it all.
Press the button, get us out of here before it is too late. Find me, hidden and lost. Waiting for you.


dagrease said...

i always see this and think, shit great picture. and there you go.

faye. said...

i always see this and think,
here's a thought