Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Strangers & Duets

At it again.

After preparing my second curatorial package, Circus, I decided to pick up a side project in the mean time. Along with my fascination with history and memory is my study into the stranger and alienation. The work for Strangers & Duets focuses on the odd combinations of two unlikely elements to form a harmony through the image. From photo-montage, and everyday objects displaced in a natural scene, to the "third-leg" inserted between two lovers and their intimacy, and the figure of a person lost or found within these small portions of nature in the urban landscape, these themes are repeated over and over as they become a statement of how we feel; displaced, as integrated; hovering in-between one world to the next, from comfort to estangement, familiar to alienated. There is a harmony in it all, as if the unlikely and even constructed, are natural in some way.

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Mary-Ann A. said...

I'll be there on Friday! :)