Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Young Firestarters

(A Collection of Bouquets and Farewells on Route, March 26th 2009)

Let’s start a fire. With this careless dance of ours we’ll fire guns into the sky as we laugh with intoxicated joy. We’ll run down the streets, causing terror amongst our neighbors. We’ll drive big and loud, chromed in glorious shine, motorcycles, ripping pistons and smoke down America’s highways. We’ll run from the law, cause a scene, and be handcuffed only to escape. Oh! We’ll make them remember us, I want to remember, you want to remember, all of this, we’ll burn it into our histories and whoever comes our way. We’re listen to Slayer and grow our hair out so we can achieve the perfect head-bang. We’ll be unstoppable as kids walk by with their parents see us, afraid at first but then look up to us as they go back to their regular lives, realizing they no longer want to be like their parents. We’ll be the story of many, we’ll carry on a message. And what would that message be? Everything for freedom? Free birds, Eagles, and Falcons? Or just do whatever our hearts desire because there’s only one thing for certain, we’ll die, and we may never live again.
Let’s be bandits one more time.

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n said...

"goddd haattes us all"