Saturday, March 28, 2009

This Is How I Deal With My Loneliness

(Test Image for The Natural Wonders, 2009)

Hello stranger, here we are, these moments in-between, where we acknowledge each other, and for the briefest of moments we are no longer strangers. And perhaps afterwards we are even friends, even if we haven't met, we have shared something, something greater than just a handshake. We have reached a common ground; being alone, in front of a computer, with an atmosphere of people talking, clapping and making various noises in their search for b for their a, and c to their d as we float to the glow of virtual communication. I would like to put a record on; the static hisses before the strings pull in to make a nice somber, Impressions of Japan: Rising Sun. We'll hover over the earth, we'll be twilight in the sky, smoking red clouds, and drink with the capsized moon. More red wine we'll yell to the stars, we'll wish for falling stars, for showers of meteors and hope the sun will never return. The ocean sings the song of the tropics as well float away from the city, we'll dip our toes into the water before it rolls back to the sea, we'll start fires only to leave them soon after, who know's, what and where. For no longer we care, in this night, as we float, and this will be how we deal with our loneliness, from afar, you nameless stranger, you friend of circumstance, come along, there is much night left.

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