Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Forest Where Trees Fall (but no one's around to hear them fall)

(Triangle, 2009)

1) My uncle Gaaaa once told me, "A fart in your room when no one's around is a fart that is no fun."
2) I used to roll around in a human ball on my carpet until I rolled over my sister's mouse.
3) Billy and I used to make fires down by the ravine until I heard my neighbor's fence burnt down.
4) I kissed Mary when she was sleeping, I thought she was faking it, but she wasn't.
5) I use the walls of my closet to write naughty words, but they're more sad than naughty.
6) When I grow up I want to be architect so I can build homes that aren't falling apart.
7) I wish I could close my eyes and disappear.
8) If I could have any ability, besides from flying, I want to be able to talk to anyone, in any language, and understand them.
9) I think there should be an encyclopedia of every scar there ever was.
10) I hope I don't get old and forget where I put things.
and 11) If I could fly I could never tell anyone about it.

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