Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You, Creatures of Diars

(Monument, 2009)

A tree will stand where my body once laid. The grass will die and grow and die again where the mount protrudes. The worms will eat, and I will watch the endless changing of the seasons. The ground will freeze and become the harshest wall there ever was, with dirt sharp teeth, cold and icy stings. I can hear the earthdwellers sing, I can hear the marching of feet. They are going somewhere far, and my eyes can't reach. Someone bring me flowers, someone say my name before I forget. Where are those boys, tricksters and thieves, luring girls to kiss upon a field of stones and twisted oak. I want to be robbed, I want to be disturbed. I want those teenagers to jam those rocks songs that curse their world. Saying hell, hell, hell, and bitches be slayed. All this quiet is rotting me tired, all this peace is making me restless. Where are my arms, where are my feet, I want to kick, I want to scream, let me in or let me out! Take me far, burn me good. Spread me dry and send me deep. Say a few words, and spit me out. Burn me memories, and haunt the house I call home. Tell stories of me, twist them with time. Call me nasty, call me dirty. Summon my bones, and tickle my feet. I am disappearing, I am floating to others, within the walls, in transparency, you can't yet see me, but you can't quite forget. When there is chilly, think of me, when there are bumps, call to me and say to fuck off. Just please, just don't forget me dying here under the trees.