Thursday, July 7, 2011

We Are Staccato

After all of his hard work, Nathan Cyprys put together a lovely little (it's not really little) exhibition at the heart of the Aurora art scene, The Aurora Cultural Centre, in Aurora, Ontario. The exhibition features work from three unique, young, and enterprising artists, Nathan Cyprys, Myself, and Faye Mullen, who all hail from Southern Ontario (for the most part), went to OCAD (two in photography, and one in sculptural/installation). And to spite being best of friends, these three artists' work have quite the dialogue to exchange with each other. Just ask the talented artist/curator, Lisa Visser, who had some thought-provoking words to say about the estuary of work.

Come Saturday, This Saturday, July 9th to August 27th, 2011, to bare witness to this unique art collective, a silently-named gang called the Bum Crumbs, or the Northbay Sanders, or the Salty Slipper Dippers and Whiskey Sippers.

Opening reception, this Saturday, July 9th (I said that already), from 1pm to 4pm, artists in attendance, as well as a performance done by exhibition artist, faye mullen.

For more information, visit the Aurora Cultural Centre website.

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