Thursday, August 28, 2008

Again! (repeat 3x times)

Expansions II (The Great Escape) has turned into my largest series, currently at 10 sets of triptychs, and expanding over the course of four seasons. I feel at this point, spring and summer have been covered, and fall and winter, will be a change in direction from the first half of the series. I find that the drop in temperature dramatically changes mood, and thought, and for a series about escape and the idea of escape, it would have to be dramatically different from the idea of escape during the warmer seasons. The second half of the series will be more diverse then it is currently, as well as complex, staging different temperaments within the characters as they struggle to find peace around them.
These images are the newest to the series, and as for now, the last of the summer set. They are closer to the look I wanted, since as I have been shooting, my technique for this series has been developing along with the concept. My current technique is closer to my original technique developed for Expansions I, where I would make full 360 set of parallel images, making a set of images blend into each almost seamlessly.

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