Monday, August 25, 2008

You Don’t Know Me

(We're Lost, NO! We're NOT Lost! I'm Sorry, 2008)

“I have traveled a long way to get this to you”, said an exhausted voice beyond my shoulder, maybe behind some rocks. I have been traveling a long time, perhaps I was followed, and so I reached over my shoulder to those suspicious rocks. This is how I met my inspiration. “You kept traveling”, he said, “without noticing me, and then I just had to yell at you, come here, boy!” And so I stopped but it was just my imagination, I kept lying to myself as I continued to walk. Was there something… no, that’s silly, no one travels on these roads, no one since that thing with the bear. And while all this internal noise was going on I neglected the rather old man, dressed like Moses, waving at me with, yes, a cane, A CANE! Anyhoot, that’s the story of how I come up with these ideas of mine, I just take a walk on the limestone road and keep walking until old man inspiration comes yelling, with his cane. “BOY!”

I thought this would be a great way to open this entry. A random story for a small collection of random images.

(The Heat on August 20th, 2008)

I’m very interested in the way people escape the cage of their surroundings, for me, it’s imagining I’m not here in small patches of nature, and for others, like the lady across from me, it’s relaxing on her lawn chair on top of a building amongst the pigeons.


n said...

should've titled: "you donnn knowwww meeeeeeee *finger snap on either side of face*"

Gillian Young said...

Brendan, was a pleasure meeting you last night. Your photos and thoughts are also a pleasure, and pure genius. I love this heat wave shot, I always dream of having a roof I could escape to. Come back to Hidden Lounge soon.


Taj said...

need more updates like this, these are great.

BrendanGeorge said...

thanks. well I have a roll to develop today, and that means I'll be scanning it and posting it throughout the week. Since its nothing technically new, nor a body of work, I think it would be more fitting to address the following with literature rather than explaination.

M said...

Great shot!

BrendanGeorge said...

thanks Martina!