Monday, September 22, 2008

Expansions III (Banana)

The image of a banana replaced the light bulb floating over my head this time.

Expansions III (Banana) picks up where Expansions II left off, expanding the scene through multiple images, giving the viewer a broader sense of time and place, as well as creating intimacy with portions of a scene. Banana is a focus on my current practice, reinventing the presentation of photography. Since Expansions is about dimensional distortion, as well as capturing meaningful portions of a scene to create a narrative, it would only be suitable to produce an installation that reflects this idea.

The idea of a banana occurred to me one night when I was thinking of representing a space. I wanted to document a room by photographing each wall, then floor, and ceiling to capture the atmosphere of this room as well as document all aspects of space. This was the original approach for Expansions I, where I did 360 panoramas of an interior spaces. The name, Banana, comes from the process of peeling a banana.

The banana is dissected section by section to fully exposure the soft fruit inside. Expansions III is doing exactly that, taking each portion of a space and dissecting it section by section. The soft fruit is replaced with the act of documenting what surrounds a space to represent the space itself; like the shell of a banana being reassembled to appear unpeeled. And like the banana, and anything that is photographed, it first started as a three dimensional object.


Vanessa Maltese said...

the banana.
oh. my. god.

BrendanGeorge said...

what can I say, i've gone bananas, wait till you see the installation its what makes this piece.