Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Singing in Unison

(Untitled from The Great Escape, 2008)

I keep telling myself to cherish this moment, to breathe it all in, and not loss one moment of it. But I can’t, and I cough from the lack of fresh air. I can’t hold my breath for very long these days, maybe ninety seconds. I remember when I was full of strength, pulling two minutes without trying, diving deep into the pool and letting out all the air in my lungs that made my body once buoyant. I was a rock on the sea floor. The fish would swim right by, waving these tails in their quick goodbyes.
You were here with me, an entire day, and a late night when the sun went down. Outside your window there was a monster in the shadows, with long narrow fingers, millions maybe, all dancing in unison. I looked away for a second and returned to your attention, we were safe again.
I just sat there wondering how long this night will last, it was too much fun, like being in a submarine. Underwater we didn’t have any humans to judge our fun, to hear them tell us why we should be their friends, to have them join our fun. No…they weren’t allowed to even dive into the waters that surround our vessel. The hatches were sealed tight, for the water and for the potential underwater pirates. We had this moment to ourselves, and what did we do, we just laughed until our bellies hurt, our eyes were wet, and our minds were forgetful. Thank God our submarine got YouTube.
We dove deeper and deeper, learning the secrets of the life beneath the sea, where mermaids and seamen hide when they fear the company of those who walk the Earth, and we were alone…to continue, continuing, and to vanish.

The image above is the beginning of the newest development of Expansions, this being II.V, or 2.5, expect further information on this new development on later post.
Trivia: Expansions III is nicknamed "Banana".


Aneta said...

Very nicely put.
I love submarines!
oh and 1 million photo booth pics :P!
I'll send them soon

Sydney said...

Hi Brendan... just popping by to say hi. Fantastic photos, as always. I hope things are going well with you. If you're still at the photo place, you should stop by for lunch sometime... I'm just up the street!

Take care!