Sunday, September 28, 2008


(4x5 Polaroid of God's Lonely Man, from Reminiscene, 2008)

This is rough...

I have to hold on to these things.

I remember I was sitting down at my typewriter, writing a story about a man who was so lonely that he almost disappeared. And maybe that man did disappear and all that is left of him is his last words.

I have to try hard to remember the best parts of my life because I tend to only remember the bad parts. Walking around and revisiting places I recall memories that are associated with those places. Each location has its own time and place that is best remembered. Some of those places I can only remember bad moments of my life and I am forced to see that place and see that memory every time I pass by.

The statements used in this series are taken from my own words from various times in my life. Each statement reflects on a memory within the space they are installed in.

I tend to remember the bad like most people, I have to try harder to remember the good. And as this series develops these good moments are revisited, so that I can see them again, and I can feel them once more. Maybe I can remember them forever. Like flowers to a place where your friend lost his or her life; that curb, that side of the highway, or courtyard in a safe neighborhood where bad things don’t normally happen, we want to leave mementos behind show we will always remember. These words will remain behind at these places, and even when someone scratches them away, they’ll live forever in my photography.

*note at the bottom of each post now includes a label, these can be used to gathered and navigate various posts on the same subject, in this case, any work for [literally] can be grouped together in a lovely package that makes, ...and this is what I originally set out to do with this series but ended up doing this, more sensible in getting the complete thought. No more of that searching or that, I'm too lazy or care not to look into this, it's late and I have rapid eye motive to do.
...And so the fact of the week is, on average we dream for only two hours a night, a total of 6 years of dreaming, (that's like watching Planet Earth 4,781.352 times!), in the average human life expectancy (and yes, I will also give that fact as well, 80+ for Canada of Free Health Care, 77.5-80 US of America).


Taj said...

I remember in high school, my english teacher told us that the shitty moments stick with us more then the the good times. He was commenting on how Dramatic movies make and more of an impact because they have their highs and lows and how comedies are full of just good times and don't get any recognition because we don't remember any substance to them. I always felt this also applies to life in general.

let the good times roll, Mario Kart soon?

sabrinamaltese said...

lovely Brendan. I want to see more of these!

BrendanGeorge said...

Thank you! I might have some more up by the end of the week or early next.