Thursday, January 29, 2009


(Cecil, The Great Escape (Expansions II), 2009)

Can we live in each moment in promise to each other? To try, to make time just stop, even if it is just for a small moment of time. To say we have stopped time is our goal, to say we have lived one tiny moment without time setting us apart as we divided the atom Einstein has been working on in his laboratory, that we had discovered new land like Columbus to American shores, and like Thoreau writing away in his cabin with words of civil disobedience we are in the same moment of our lives, where time stops just for a breath, just for one blink of the eye to reset the entire world, for the flowers to hold a bloom, for the birds to keep in flight, for the wind to be still, and the great rivers and falls to freeze as our eyes lock, looking deep within each other’s eyes, and seeing the same thing in the abyss that lies just after the iris.

(Ross, The Great Escape (Expansions II), 2009)

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