Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You'll Forget Me

(Untitled, from the Abandoned Island Series, 2007)

Push away like two plates that meet at the edge of the world only to try to destroy each other, their struggle to do so will make the Earth shake and the creatures of the land will run in fear of their end. Why must these two plates fight, what compels them to meet each other with such uncalled for aggression. Somewhere in the middle of the ocean their fight continues as giant waves form move silently beneath water, unnoticed until the shore, what creatures will meet their end?
I'll tell the truth this time, I won't hold back, you'll learn my history. You'll learn of the many nights spend thinking, endlessly, of the word, "why". You'll learn of dread, you'll know of the endless attempts to save, and the reason why I can't seem to give up. And in the end, once all is presented in front of you, I hope to be forgiven, and I hope to be forgotten. I ask of this because I fear of the jar I hold inside, that the sadness that has been kept there will spill upon your hands. You do not deserve this. And just before you forget me, give me your sadness, let me keep it with mine, and then I can disappear, like a star fading to black, or the sky falling to a black hole; these moments of singularity.
As the two plates tire, the world seems calm again. The ocean falls and the ground hums a song of peace as the creatures of the land learn to smile again, to love again, and to live again. What has made these two plates cease their struggle, what has changed within them as they rest silently on top of each other, holding each inch in hopes they can become one.
When I ask you to run away you stayed, when I told you to forget me you kept me in your arms, and when I said I'd disappear I held your hand and said,
Run Away With Me.


esther said...

Happy birthday, almost-house-mate!

BrendanGeorge said...

thank you.