Sunday, July 26, 2009

Strangers Yet

(Test Shot, Backyard Engulfed By Darkness, 2009)

O the bitter thought, to scan
All the loneliness of man !
Nature by magnetic laws
Circle unto circle draws :
But they only touch when met,
Never mingle, -strangers yet.

Will it evermore be thus-
Spirits still impervious ?
Shall we never fairly stand
Soul to soul as hand to hand ?
Are the bounds eternal set
To retain us, strangers yet ?

-W.R. Alger

Even the distance of breath upon the flesh is an infinite distant, like oil over water, and the film of polar opposites that reject one another. It is in the finest of details; in the molecule it reads, two remain, forever, in a sea of strangers.


angela kathleen sweeting said...

Can't wait to get back to toronto, hopefully to letters.

Miss you buddyboy!

dagrease said...

pretty. very pretty.