Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jokes and Trials pt. IV

(Smell Ya Later, 2011)

I swear I could hear his snoring, him rambling in his deep sleep, I awake and see there is no one there. The room is unfamiliar and I realize I am in a hotel room. I turn to my side and look out the window, the sky is bright already, I can feel the sea breeze hit me. I just want to stay here all day. I grow chills from last night, that feeling, it was inside of me, it has always been there, but now it was awake it had a face. I couldn't shake the feeling, it distracted me from whatever it is I was going to be doing today.
I close my eyes and wondered back into that familiar realm.
I feel my body lift into the air, it hovered in place for a moment, but then is taken down the hallway, down the stairs, into through the bar, no one there paid attention to my hovering glowing body as it exited the building and ran down the off-road path down to the bay. There it decided which path to take a fork, it goes the unbeaten path, it is alright I am floating in mid-air after all. We arrived at the shore, it is day, the magic that was last night isn't there anymore, instead it felt dream-like, like I was looking through someone else's eyes, remotely. My body continued to hover out into the sea, then stopped. I lingered there, wondering what is going to happen next. I felt my body drop and instead of hitting the water I hit more air, looking up I see a tunnel of water form Mose-like as I decent. I try to maneuver my body to see what was ahead, if the water was being parted before my body or if there was a large tunnel already cleared away for me but I couldn't move. The deeper and deeper we go the more I wondered how deep this tunnel goes, I was sure we'd reach ground, we weren't that far off shore, I've dived from out here, it's not this deep. I wondered. Stop. I waited for what happens next, did we reach the sea floor? The opening to surface was far now, it was a smallish hole where clouds pass by, a window into another world. The sea around me moved normal, with the occasional fish passing by, curious. All of a sudden my stomach ached, I knew something was wrong, that's what my stomach does when somethings off, like a cat running away just before an earthquake. I looked up to that window to the surface, my eyes teared up, it vanished. What happened next was broken up into bits and pieces, I remember the roar of the ocean, the air being squeezed out of the tunnel, it was like hearing thunder for the first time as a child, it rocked your entire. Some flashes of drowning, struggling, then giving in.
Instead of waking up I died. My body rested there, with an entire sea weighing it down. Somewhere in all that darkness I thought of Jorge. I saw him in a deep-sea diving suit circa 1930s, brass and all, looking like he belonged in an aquarium. He held me in his arms, I felt safe, safer than I had in a long time. Since I could remembered... My body was light, the rush of water on my flesh gave me life again as we ascended. I smiled uncontrollably, I was happy. What was taken, what was realized what was lost, what was missed, what was reconciled, and what was found all rushed by me, the ocean sounded louder and louder, flooding my ears with a mixture of water and air cavitating. When we reached the surface we never stopped, we were flying high, then higher. Jorge's deep-sea suit disappeared, his hair was longer, golden, his body more built in the dreamiest of matters, and his face was covered in beard, also golden. He sung something beautiful, holding me in his arms as we ascended to the heavens above. It sounded something like Con Te Partiro, but I couldn't tell, it was beautiful. In the brilliance of a new day, our bodies, high above contoured to each other, we were slugs, we were forming one, but at the same time we were two, just perfectly fit within each other, and then a glow started to flicker from the briefest of gaps between us, it formed a flower, it grew and grew and grew and and and...
When I woke up I heard his snoring, I turned over on my other side and pulled the blankets he had stolen from me somewhere deep in his sleep. My last thoughts were what will I dream of this time...

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