Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nostalgia for the Present

(Mysterious Beach Babe, from Aloha, and HI, 2011)

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Laid Bare my snapshots will finally be exhibited for the public to see in real life. The entire exhibition is a collection of snapshots from a wide range of photographers and artists, with some being street photographers and some being conceptual artists that like to take snaps here and there. There's some fantastic work in this show so I suggest if you're in Toronto on February 2nd you should probably come.

The show opens February 2nd, 2012, at Forgetus Collective, 163 Sterling Rd, Unit 29, 7 - 11pm.

Here's the complete list of participating artists:
Alexander Alekseenko, Pauline Beaudemont, Kyle Brohman, Timothy Burkhart, Michael Raymond Clarke, Kira Crugnale, Nathan Cyprys, Erich Deleeuw, Lisa Folkerson, Ben Freedman, Aaron Friend Lettner, Amy George, Hudson Hayden, Eriver Hijano, Abby Hutchison, Vid Ingelevics, Chelsee Ivan, Andrew Jarman, Joachim Johnson, Michael Juneau, Dimitri Karakostas, Santa Katkute, Gavin Keen, Nicole Kim, Brendan George Ko, Sasha Kurmaz, Lindsay Lauckner, Drew Lint, Elena Malkova, Fraser Mccallum , Joshua Macdonald, Andrew McGill, Ania Mokrzycka, Andrew B. Myers, Ryan Nangreaves, Katie Newman, Mark Peckmezian, Andrea Leigh Pelletier, Deanna Pizzitelli, Claudia Puchiele, Marishka Radwanski, Anne Rawn, Van Robinson, Andy Schmidt, Kelsey Stasiak, Kyle Tait, Matthew Tammaro, Michelle Louise Wilson, Kavin Wong, Aaron Wynia, Aabid Youssef and Carina Yu.

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