Monday, July 28, 2008

An Extensive Nature

In more detail.

What is an escape when physically there is no change, when the seeker of escape stays geologically the same? The idea is born from this desire of change. When thoughts are strong and bare enough weight that they become reality itself. I ask what is reality but an idea of what is real. For The Great Escape it is a matter of an idea of peace within the city, a place I spend most of my time in and find it hard to escape, physically due to what keeps me here in the first place. By taking these small portions of nature within the city I am able to recreate sense of fuller nature. By the use of what I call, Expansions, the distortion of dimensional proportions, I am able to take a small amount of nature and expand it to a full landscape. At the same time this technique creates a perceptive where the viewer dissects each portion of the image individually, as if a standalone, but when viewed from farther away the dissection of the three images fade away making one large image.
With all the conveniences of modern living from technology and the cloud of consumer culture, there will always be an escape from it all because you can never escape nature.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I have noticed recently that my Polaroid Family Tree, which is continuously growing, is almost, if not all, emerging artists. Years ago I started this pseudo-series called Artist Profiles, which were portraits I would take of creators of art in various forms, each portrait being artistically different for the other. Today I find myself all over the map, and the only medium of photography that is used in a singular purpose, over and over, are my polaroids, they are only used to document the people that spend time at my apartment, who are largely artists. I can only imagine the contrast that time will produce when these inhabitants of the Polaroid Family Tree look back at their polaroids years down the road and remember they're lives in 2008.

Now the news,
Two things: The Central Cafe show is postponed till early August, thing numbero duo, I am currently curating a show for Xpace and I am looking for one or two more artists to fit the theme of History and Relationship (I know, that sounds vague, but the curatoral statement is being adapted for a larger number of artists).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

2008 [january] - 2008 [july]

I never thought I'd see my concept book go so fast but it's all filled up with ideas, a good amount of them shot, worked on, and saved for the future. This book has been with me everywhere, has seen parties, gallery openings, it's always by my side when an idea is born. And every conceptual photograph I have taken since January was first cultivated here. This book feels somewhat like my journal, a collection of my thoughts, and has this pressing of memories when I see the ideas I immediately think of the photographs and the memory of working on them. Each of these images reminds me of my steps I took to get where I am now, and the overall images of this book shows me my progress and development, ultimately, as an artist.
Dissection Of... (early test)
How Can You Disappear When I Disappear With You

Thursday, July 3, 2008

2 Cents

Photography has been a bit slow lately, I've been writing a series of short stories. And that can only mean posting images that didn't make the cut, but are standalones. The top image is from my final roll, the same roll Mask Without Mask came from, for a project I was working on for an expressive self-portrait. The bottom image is from How Can You Disappear When I Disappear With You, and was supposed to be the final image for the series. The use of multiple colors leading up to a pure white symbolizes each person's influence in my life, like the use of green for Chris, or Red for Aleks, and Yellow for Meredith, all those colors combine form white light. And like the prism, we never see what makes white light until we slow things down and dissect the white to see the full specrum.

The series of short stories has a name, A Series of Attempts (At My Life), and if you know me, it's ironic and humorous, saying these are stories that are influenced by my real life, but are fabrications of my far-fetched imagination. They are attempts because like all the things I imagine, I kind of want them to be true just to see it with my eyes, curious in a Godly way, but they most likely will never happen (probably for the best).

Maybe I'll post images of the originals on here, that way they're still images that are accompanied with my artist statements.