Saturday, June 20, 2009

Learning To Love Yourself (More) pt.6

(Kym with Her Father's Leg as She Plays with Her Kitty, 2009)(Rest in Peace)

Phantom Pain

It’s that headache that won’t go away. It’s that feeling like you just want to stay at home tonight, but you must go. You never know what you may find, and that no longer thrills you. It would be nice to just stay up late watching movies, or reading a book. There is a small world inside a book for you to discover. And though it may have been discovered many times before your eyes and imagine, the only thing that matters in the feeling you have inside. Breathe deep my friend, and think of ocean waves folding over each other and the sound they make, think of the air in the morning before a vast open field. Breathe deeper, and exhale. Keep this up until you feel semi-lightheaded from all the oxygen, look at the time and just decide your night is going to be good no matter what you end up doing. You hear that, it’s the sound of adventure. You may care about the people you’re about to see, or perhaps you don’t, and you might not want to go out, but now that you’re breathing in and out good vibes you no longer care, you’re in your own world now. Float on these clouds. Hop from one formation to the other sailing into the midnight sky. Kiss the moon; in its fullness and the calm wake in the air as you float back to Earth only to do it again. Rock your body back and fro and let the rhythm take you. Think of the possibilities; think of love, think of the things that make you happy. Remember them, remember them by their names, and if they don’t have names now is the time to address them at a personal level because they are with you now and perhaps forever. Now float on, breathing in the night, exhaling the day, and be carried away to your favorite place with your favorite person, even if that person may be yourself.

*There will be a memorial held at Edward Day Gallery June 20th, 2009, starting at seven pm.

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