Monday, June 1, 2009

Learning To Love Yourself (More) pt.1

Instant Running
Start off the day by running. Not by getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, showering, looking through your closet and plotting your outfit for the day, then preparing your running shorts and shirt, and putting your shoes on after a cup or two of water before running. I mean, as soon as your eyes open, jump! on to the floor, with your feet in runner's-about-to-do-what-they-do stance, and right when you realize you are awake, you run. It doesn't matter if you fall to the ground having just achieved two or three feet of distance, or that you hit the door to the bathroom for your morning pee (or poo). All that matters is you're feeling good, and this is the most important thing.

Feeling Happy
In your head, make a list of all the things you are good at. If you need help, just remember all the shining complements you have received for something you did or do, or are. You have value, and people know this, even if the person who said it is a total asshole, that should be extra points since an asshole like that said something nice! Once you have compiled a list of things that you are good at tell yourself you have talent and you have value, and that you are important to people, and then tell yourself you should be happy.

R.A.K (or "RAKing")
At this point you should plot out ways to make others happy; this in turn maintains your happiness. My personal favorite is the R.A.K, Random Acts of Kindness. These are best applied to strangers, the stranger they are the better, with caution to sending the wrong signs to creeps, they require the professional RAKers with years under the belt.
Plot out ventures into your friend's lives, doing crazy nice things for them, helping them out, and/or surprising them with love and lovely things made from love. Spread the love! And last but not least, i.R.A.K; impulsive Random Acts of, well you know. These are the best, honestly, you are walking downtown and you see a man with a frown, asking for change and you think in your head, I just bought some apples!, and you stop after passing him and you turn around and you give him an apple and say something like, "Got no change, but would you like an apple?" There should be nothing planned about this level of R.A.K, and this is for the best. Impulse is clouded and smeared with bad credit; when used properly, it's a really really great thing, and makes you feel good inside, and that's where it counts!

Words That Count
Sharing is caring. Keep on doing the good stuff, and never let a rainy day mess with your mood. And for those assholes messing with you, just tell them thank you, because you need those assholes to know that you're not one of them. Keep on truckin' and keep on lovin', even if all you got is yourself, because no one knows how to love you more than your own self.

*in the wake of Miranda July stopping Learning To Love You More, I decided to create a guide for those who don't have anyone to love but themselves. Of course you could use this guide if you have someone to love, because we all need self-love some times too.


Gam said...

This is really good, Brendan. Keep it up!

BrendanGeorge said...

thanks Gam-boy. I think I'll make a mini series out of these.