Monday, April 21, 2008

Continuing The Dissection Series with a Documentary Aspect

Young Married Couple (Aggression) 2008 c-print 30x40
Sisters (Aggression) 2008 c-print 30x40

Dissection Of…
There is as much diversity in how one person is related to another person as there are emotions that exist between two people. These relationships vary from daughters to mothers, brothers to brothers, sisters to sisters, husbands and wives, and onwards, each of them having different complexities in emotions that exist within each one and all of them. With Dissection Of, these relationship and the emotions that come with them are dissected into the universal language of the body. By composing three different photographs to form two sets of complete bodies I am focusing on the individual expression faces make compared to what hands express down to the body language of how we stand. The emotions captured are the result of a comfort that exist when two people are in their natural surrounding, the home, and are left in front of the camera until they are just natural selves.