Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I've done my fair share of exploration as a photographer, I've gotten dirty, hell I even spent 12 hours in a torned down building filled with God-knows-what. When I decided to go explore a normal building that people still work in, and that leave their lights on at night, I was a little freaked out. Being all alone in this building expecting there to be someone at every turn was nerve-racking. I would've felt much more secure in a dark building just before I know no one's around to stop me from being there. And the deeper I traveled the weirder it got. In the basement there appeared to be a nuclear reactor, some sort of vault, and all the noises that go along with that sort of stuff. From there I traveled even deeper until I got to the source of all the noise and heat, the boiler room. This was the most interesting part of my exploration of this place and was thankful I still had a good amount of film left. I haven't really been exloring since but I'll always remember the time I went into this place.

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Taj said...

my favorite series!