Friday, April 4, 2008

The Polaroid Family Tree

This school year was my venture into a lot of different techniques and forms of photography. One of the forms of photography I got into for the first time was Polaroid. I was never too big on them until I got my current camera, Crown Graflex. Because the Graflex is a 4x5 camera you can put anything that fits within 4x5inches, from my 6x6-6x12 back to a Polaroid 669 back. With full control over how my polaroids are exposured, and with the lovely birthday present of all types of 699 from Erin Seaman I am now doing polaroids all the time.
Immediately after working out the kinks, I started a collection of polaroids I now call, "The Polaroid Family Tree". I set up a little home studio, positioning my flash umbrella rig just right, adjust focus, and turn off the lights, and flash. I try to get folks who are usuals at my place and there's a good amount since I live with four others.

The collection is currently at 26 and growing. The images, and the medium itself, feel very personal to me since I don't have to bring them in to get developed, they're right there in front of me in the intimacy of my room. The people I photograph represent an adopted family I have in Toronto since I live far-far away from my folks, and my sisters are half a country away themselves.


f dot. said...


you're the only person i'd let photograph me on such a vulnerably sick day.

BrendanGeorge said...

Thank you, I feel honored to have the rightful permission to photograph you.