Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Talk Show

The Talk Show is a little series I started soon after The Polaroid Family Tree. The same camera and lighting is used, even the same couch, but is done with two people talking to someone off-camera. By capturing a moment in-between conversation, where an anonymous person is talking to these pairing of people, the expressions of these individuals speaks of what the speakers is saying. At the same time, their expression tells the viewer what they are thinking in response to the speaker. The pairing of female and male plays on talk show or game show themes where couples are the contestants. These contestants are presented on a screen for a whole nation of anonymous people watch them, who is speaking to them is off-camera as the broadcast camera comes in for their couple shot.

Side note: If you noticed the change from Photo-Ma-Graphy Daily to Photo-Ma-Graphy Tri-Weekly, this just means now three times a week this blog will be updated, for now, Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. This just gives me more time to work on presentation of each one better.

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