Sunday, April 6, 2008

Toes In: Fashion Photography

Last summer I decided my newest advancement into photography would be flash-based portrait lighting. Using a Canon 580ez flash with an umbrella and wireless trigger I strapped a kit with my Canon 20d and went out anywhere shooting who ever came my way. My friend Jonny came up to me asking to get some headshots done, and he is a good friend of mine, so of course I did it, plus he has an awesome rooftop to shoot on.
Once the school year started up again I got into the studios a lot more, using the blackline Speedotrons in the cyclorama studio. It took me a fair amount of experimenting to finally come to what I enjoy for what type of fashion shot, this one being softbox with umbrella.
Later when I felt more comfortable with flash, knowing where it falls and lighting ratios I started to minimalize. By using one head I was able to make this dramatic effect with the shapes of the model's body and add to the bizarre subjectivity.

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