Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lost and Found

Lost and found in the past. The things we once lost are found underneath the piles of our everyday. The mess is cleared away and things just seem simpler without the clutter and complexities you’ve become. When I have a hard time with the new practices I do as a photographer I look back and see where I came from. The simple candid shots of my past are who I am, every imperfection is my character that separates me from the rest. The faces I capture are different from anyone else’s, even if they themselves have photographed those faces.
It is how we perceive the world that changes what we see with our camera. And the focus of the camera is not through the lens but through the photographer’s vision. One takes the world away from its context and into another.

These are the lost memories I have forgotten…
The lost roll before it became as complex as it is now,
Without the clutter, the mess is cleared away.

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