Monday, April 7, 2008

Self-Portrait or How To Visually Describe Yourself In One Single Image

When my prof asked me to describe a part of myself that no one really knows about me I had the greatest struggle as a conceptual photographer. I thought of a series of concepts that described a part of me but never felt rightful in describing who I truly am. I felt the challenge behind this assignment, atleast, to me, was that I had been given the opportunity to express a shade of myself to people that was never seen. In the end after my fifth concept and on my third shoot for the assignment I did a reset. Whenever I go through a hard process in photography I completely change my attitude, I drop what I thought I knew and accept the change that is necessary to accomplish an obstacle. This in turn forms an adaptation, which led me to my final image. One's self to the rest, a voice without voice, and a mask without mask.

The after image that is only seen by the eyes but the original image left for the mind to imagine.

And the words that go along with the image.

Mask Without Mask

In the morning I awake, a different person sits there at the edge of the bed. The person who was asleep is gone.
All day and everyday I paint the picture that meets the eye. The hi's and bye's, the smiles and lies.
Inside the story of George continues.
In far off planes, in a desert of though another narrative continues, away from eyes, away from words.
There in the night I retire my mask, alone and empty of the day I write these very words.
All the structures and forms fade before the sun,
going. going. going. gone.
Until I am no longer the mask.
A secret even after told is another life,
A life of imagination, of theory, of perception.
It is something I can't quite say,
Something not ready yet.

The illusion is not how to disappear but it is the magic of reappearing,
Everyday and every night,
Mask without Mask.

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