Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Continuing with my interest in multiple parallel images I started to do these "tests" to see how the eye reads these images. By shifting focus on the main interest just like how you would in any photograph, the series of images work better as a whole. I think of this approach as an expansion of the context of one image. By having parallel images accompany the same realm as the first one the presence of addition images gives a broader scope. So instead of just having that time and place represented in one image there's a fuller perspective of the overall nature of the scene captured.
The two images above are test I've done in one room that capture a complete 360 angle. The second image is closer to how I want the style to be approached, it is based more of the impression I have for each portion of the room.


j. camp. said...

good times. this will give me something else to look at everyday. and I AM FRIENDS WITH VANESSA TOO. she's the best.

Toph said...

More excellent work. I heard Michael visited you recently. In a life where distance and money doesn't matter, I'd like to visit as well and maybe learn a thing or two.

BrendanGeorge said...

Thanks for stopping by Jamie, I hope I manage to keep this up on a daily basis! Vanessa is super rad.